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R and J Contractor Services, LLC works throughout Maryland. As a licensed and insured contractor we guarantee quality work. We are also dedicated to the safety of our employees and customers. Our specialty is weatherization and fire restoration work.
The weatherization services provided by R and J are designed to increase the efficiency of the customer's home. Our company has worked directly with the state of Maryland and their Weatherization Assistance Program. While working with the program our employees worked directly with Maryland's state inspectors. The experience has allowed us to transfer the energy savings to the customer. We will audit your house to determine what needs to be addressed. Then air seal and insulate to make sure your home is working efficiently. R and J will also schedule basic maintenance on your furnace and they can have them placed as well. After a thorough tune-up you will be saving money on your energy bills.
Fire Restoration is another facet of R and J. The most important part of a fire restoration job is the customer. We work directly with you so that your house is back the way you want it. We help guide our customers while they select the new components of their home. Constant communication is necessary to keep our customers informed. No job is too big or small. We are experienced in working directly with your mortgage company and your insurance company. This ensures that your house will be completed to your satisfaction. Let us make it easy to get back in your home.
R and J Contractors has established a great reputation throughout the state of Maryland. We perform quality work in a timely fashion. Communication makes the process easy. Our emphasis on the customer makes us the number one choice for weatherization and fire restoration services.

Licenses / Credentials :

• MHIC #99739
• Employees educated in weatherization tactics in Baltimore City Community College along with the Construction and Energy Technologies Consortium

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Services Offered:

  • Insulation
  • Weatherization
  • Remodeling
  • Fire Restoration
  • Additions
Locating a Reliable Baltimore Fire Restoration Company

A house fire can be a devastating experience in anyone’s life. It can mean the loss of your personal possessions and a lifetime of cherished memories not to mention the loss of the shelter that provided the daily comforts of life. Added to the emotional burden is the fact that you must start over and this often begins with finding out if any of your possessions or the home itself is still salvageable. Calling a Baltimore fire restoration contractor may be the last thing on your mind at a time like this but it is a necessary first step in getting your life back to normal.

Quite often, your home insurance carrier can recommendation a Baltimore fire restoration company. Insurance companies have a vested interest in helping you get the work done at the best possible price. Of course if best price means by the cheapest possible methods, that may not be what you need and you aren’t locked into working with any contractor simply because he is recommended by your insurance company. When it comes to your home and your belongings you are the one responsible for choosing the best Baltimore fire restoration contractor for the job.

If you find you need do your own search for a qualified Baltimore fire restoration company remember that time is of the essence. The wet environment caused by the water the firefighters used to extinguish the fire is the perfect breeding ground for dangerous molds that can take over in a very short period of time creating a serious health hazard. Still, there are a number of important questions you need to ask when searching for a reliable Baltimore fire restoration company and the little extra time used to find a reliable company can prove to be worth the added effort.

Where to Search for a Qualified Baltimore Fire Restoration Company

Of course the first place anyone would think to begin their search for a Baltimore fire restoration company is in the local phone directory. You can also do a search online for individual company websites or through a contractor’s directory. No matter where you search, you’ll most likely find more than one company so you’ll have to do some research to determine which Baltimore fire restoration company is going to be right for your needs and which one is going to offer you the best deal.

Once you find a prospective Baltimore fire restoration contractor, you’ll need to ask a few questions. Find out if their employees are required to undergo background checks and drug screening. Ask if employees receive any type of training or certification. Does the company offer a guarantee on its work? There are some things such as mold and odors that are difficult to get rid and you need to know if they return the company will take care of it.

Make certain any Baltimore fire restoration company you consider carries liability and worker’s compensation insurance on themselves and their employees. Liability insurance can protect you in the event that the Baltimore fire restoration service causes further damage. Worker’s compensation insurance will protect you in the event that an employee is injured while working on your property. You don’t want to find yourself liable for an employee’s medical and other expenses on top of the loss you’re already dealing with.

Further Questions for the Baltimore Fire Restoration Contractor

Once you’ve confirmed that the Baltimore fire restoration contractor has all his necessary documents in order, you can move ahead with asking them about their cleaning procedures and the products they use to get the job done. Fire restoration practices have changed significan'tly in the last several years and chemicals and antifungal sprays that were once commonly used have since been determined to be toxic. Improper restoration or use of the wrong products can leave you with a home that completely uninhabitable.

Ask about the type of equipment that will be used to clean your home as well as what methods the Baltimore fire restoration company uses to assess the extent of damage and how they determine that the cleaning has been successful and that it is safe for Find out what chemicals the company uses and if there are any known hazards or health issues associated with them. You don’t want to go through this entire process only to discover later that you or a family member has a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals that were used.

Ask how long the cleaning process will take. Because a good portion of your home may be unusable as well as the fact that the Baltimore fire restoration crew will need room to work, you may need to make other living arrangements for a time. So be prepared for some extended inconvenience.

The Baltimore Fire Restoration Company: Helping You get Your Life Back

A qualified Baltimore fire restoration contractor can let you know if any of your belongings can be saved and which ones are beyond repair. It’s important to remember that the smoke and water damage caused by a fire will permeate deep into furniture and other belongings. Certain things such as upholstered furniture may be impossible to clean. It’s often best to just dispose of them and save your money for something new.

You have a number of options in your search for a dependable Baltimore fire restoration contractor. You simply need to search. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you feel you need to in order to put your mind at ease. After the distressing experience of a house fire, you need to know you can put your life back together and begin again. So it’s important to find a qualified Baltimore fire restoration company so you can rebuild your home and your life again.


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"I am writing to tell how impressed and pleased we are with the recent weatherization project that took place at my mother's house at Ninth Avenue, Baltimore 21234. I am her daughter Linda and I am acting in her behalf because she is vision impaired. Also, I was the person present when the crew was there. From start to finish the men working on this project were very professional, meticulous, hard-working and presented a great work ethic. They are an asset to the weatherization team. Joe Franklin the auditor was very nice to talk with and completed a very thorough audit; he interacted well with my mother also and we were surprised at how much this project was able to do for her. When the team began their work (R and J Contractor) we could tell we were in good hands. Rich Schulte and his team members Tony and Eric extended every courtesy to my mother and I. They all treated mom very well and she enjoyed having them around. They arrived every day on time and ready to work. It seemed like they never took a break and worked very hard and long hours to complete the project. We felt that they went the extra mile and made every effort to make sure that this job was done well with special emphasis on safety and clean-up. We didn't have to lift a finger. From the big parts down to smallest details, they were all done to perfection. You should be proud to have these guys representing you and community assistance network. We have already seen a big difference at the house and Mom can now set her thermostat several degrees lower. We thank you and you team for all the good, hard work and would like for you to use us a reference at any time!"